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Diamond Bay - Linda Howard Somewhat ridiculous plot - very soap-opera - but the characters and the seriously red-hot chemistry make up for it here. Has one of my all-time favorite love scenes.
Ice - Linda Howard Pushing the boundaries of my willing suspension of disbelief. Chemistry was decent, story was okay, but the crazy double-back of the bad guy really threw me out of the story.
White Lies - Linda Howard Solid but uninspired. Plus- amnesiac dude? that's worth reading right there.
Shades Of Twilight - Linda Howard Too much going on and pretty close to some squick factors. But, the characters and chemistry save it from being a train-wreck.
Heartbreaker - Linda Howard classic category romance. Seriously alpha hero, spunky heroine, looming danger. Well-executed and fun read.
All the Queen's Men - Linda Howard I love John Medina - I do. But this book was kind of... half-hearted. I just didn't get the alpha-awesome of Medina I wanted here.
Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard interesting characters and great chemistry save the plot from jumping the shark.
Up Close and Dangerous - Linda Howard Okay but not great. Nice tension and some fun dialogue, but the whole premise was...outlandish.
Drop Dead Gorgeous - Linda Howard Not a big fan of this one. Didn't dig the first person, and didn't really dig the heroine. I just didn't find her particularly...likeable.
Dying to Please - Linda Howard One of her better new ones. I liked the characters in this one - even if I thought the hero deserved a hard kick in the 'nads.
Kill and Tell - Linda Howard Possibly one of my fave romances of all time. I love all the characters - even the bad guys. Plus, it's set in New Orleans - what could be better?
The Enemy - Lee Child Okay, my romance background ruined a big chunk of the suspense of this book for me - but not all of it. Child writes a nice, spare thriller. The characters felt (mostly) real, and I completely cheered at the end.
Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale it was good, but...well, I had issues. Mostly with wanting to smack characters around. But it was definitely an engaging and worth-it read.
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card Fascinating premise. Definitely can see why it's a classic. Ender as a character is interesting and complex, and the situation in which he finds himself only makes things more intense. Great read.
Crazy for Love (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl Fun, interesting concept. I like the idea of the infamous woman who is completely misunderstood, so this story really appeals.
Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl I loved the hero in this one. There were definite moments I wanted to smack the heroine, but that was part of her character growth, so it worked. Fun read, but difficult for some readers, I think. The heroine definitely has a past, and some readers seem to have some difficulty really empathizing with her.